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Who is jane fonda dating now

“I’ve battled with depression for a lot of my life.I tended to be the Eeyore character, under a cloud, a little bit dark.In them she seems to divide her life story into four phases. That’s why I wanted to go into such detail about sex because it can be very important in later life.Her career started in the Sixties when, with films such as Barbarella, she became known as a sex symbol, America’s answer to Brigitte Bardot (indeed she married Bardot’s former husband, Roger Vadim). She campaigned against the war in Vietnam and, after posing for a photograph behind a Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun, became known as Hanoi Jane. Then came Jane the wife of the billionaire, followed by six years of celibacy. There are all kinds of changes that no one ever tells us how to handle.Was anger one of the emotions she felt in response? I didn’t even cry and I assumed it was my fault because I had refused to see her the last time she came back from the hospital.

In fact, it wasn’t until she was about 50 that she finally began to feel happy.It was aimed at woman, but men, too, seemed to appreciate watching Fonda “feel the burn” in her leotard and leg warmers. Not everyone has worked out for as long as me and blah, blah, blah.” This is how she talks, by the way, quickly, in a low register, with a distinctive crack in her voice. What I did discover in the years after Ted [Turner, the billionaire media mogul who founded CNN] and I split up is that I don’t really have to be with a man. I mean how many times has it happened, would she say?Her thesis seems to be that if you have all five of these things (love, health, etc) when you reach your seventies you will be happy. “The point of the book is not how you look but, here’s what people say to me, they say: ‘this book has given me great hope’, rather than ‘oh my God, I’ll never look like you so I’ll give up’.” So. I’m intrigued by her thoughts on love because, having had three marriages which all ended with her husbands having affairs, she has now fallen in love with Richard Perry, a record producer, and this relationship, she says, is one of the reasons she has felt happier as she has grown older. I always thought that if I weren’t with a man I would fall through a dark hole and never surface again. “Five or six, three of whom I married.” Her attitude to love seems to have been forged in her childhood.For now it is worth noting that Prime Time has on its cover the tag lines: Love, Health, Sex, Fitness and Spirit.We’ll not dwell on the spirit side of things, because they are as woolly and New Age as you would expect from someone who has lived in Hollywood for much of her life.

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I took comfort in a study of 350,000 Americans that showed that most people over 50 tend to be less hostile, less anxious, less stressed.” And in her case happiness was a matter of coming to terms with the unhappiness of her childhood? You look at past realities from a new perspective.” I suppose what I mean is that she isn’t exactly everywoman. Leaving aside her troubling childhood, she has lived most of her adult life in the glare of international fame.