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I'm sorry, he normally never does this" "Why can't I just have an Inventory Window like everybody else? (when examining the Unseen University gate) "now where's the doorknob then? (when examining the Unseen University from outside) ah ha! I wonder if the walls are this high to keep what's outside from getting in, and what's inside from getting out? Rincewind: may I take a book from the Library please? and I thought the apprentices were all kept tied to stakes. Oh, well, he should never have asked to be turned into a hansome plinth. (gets hit in the head by the Librarian) did you get the number off that donkey cart? ~ Terry Pratchett Her opponents started off grinning at the temerity of a slight young girl attacking them, and then rapidly passed through various stages of puzzlement, doubt, concern, and abject gibbering terror as they apparently became the center of a flashing, tightening circle of steel. It's not known why most of the space-going races of the universe want to undertake rummaging in Earthling underwear as a prelude to formal contact. "If only I had another dimension, I'd teach you a thing or two." When examining the Luggage "Where'd you put all that stuff? Out there the forest was waiting for the brighter sun and the longer days that would pump a million gallons of sap several hundred feet into the sky in one great systolic thump too big and loud to be heard. She'd just thought the word 'systolic', and it certainly wasn't in her vocabulary. Skazz: It make take some time for HEX to come up with the answer. (Skazz pulls out a small stone circle and uses it like a calculator) Skazz: Lets see...

you want some mouthwash, that's it, you want some mouthwash, I'm sorry, but I'm already spoken for. Apprentice: Having one before you go is the whole point of prunes! Doesn't anyone around here have a sense of purpose? The planet Earth is now banned to an alien races until they can compare notes and find out how many, if any, real humans they have actually got. Whoms were likely to be far more trouble than your common everyday who. It's not tearing your throats out that doesn't come easily to me. I'll turn you into a mindless ugly toad (second passes) gosh! It is gloomily suspected that there is only one who is big, hairy and has very large feet. "But from your point of view, everyone is dying, and everyone will die, right? Please don't make it any harder." When the player clicks on Rincewind "Hands off my pixels! In return Astoria gave Elenor to Rhome (even though she wasn't hers to give, which was typical of the gods) and the resulting extra-marital confusion blew up into the Tsortean Wars. Or no fixed abode) to steal the falchion and hide it just to shut her sister up.

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(when examining a staue) Actually, this one is not a statue, it used to be a frog outside in the pond. (when Examining the bananas) Actually, I've always pictured bananas as being a healthier kind of yellow. you don't mind if I monkey about in the Library for while?

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