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Did they have markings for each passing day on the covering slabs of the Great Pyramid – removed since antiquity?

Hungarian architect András Gőczey applied an engineer’s systematic mindset to find the missing pieces of the age-old puzzle.

This gives us the angle between the summer solstice and the straight line to the East.

Measuring that same angle down from the same line gives us the winter solstice, where the sun rises on the 21st of December.

Many geologists have accepted his findings; others, such as Colin Reader, have accepted part of the premise but not the extreme antiquity of the dating. Schoch has answered those critics, most of whom have not conducted the breadth of the research he did, such as the underground seismology, with cogent arguments that back up his dating process. Typically historians and Egyptologists who have little to no depth of geophysical knowledge, training, or data collection. He is a proponent of the Sphinx water erosion hypothesis. The most interesting part of the Sphinx, however, is the direction of its head,…..” No I think it’s the fact that it exhibits an enormous of WATER EROSION. An Egyptian-Czech archaeological mission has unearthed the ruins of a King Ramses II temple during excavation works taking place in the Abusir necropolis in the governorate of Giza. A new set of investigations in ancient Egypt have led to some startling discoveries – the translation of an ancient papyrus, the unearthing of an ingenious system of waterworks, and the discovery of...

There hasn’t been water in the Giza Plateau for 12,000 years. In Egypt, in the middle of 2013, I was on a very important job: the Giza Pyramids investigation through mathematical proportional applications.

A constellation from this viewpoint moves one degree every 72 years, and a completely new constellation takes its place every 2,160 years. Legon, 'The Plan of the Giza Pyramids', Archaeological Reports of the Archaeology Society of Staten Island, Vol.10 No.1.

Pretty decent bonafides, in my opinion, for his assertions. He is an associate professor of Natural Sciences at the College of General Studies, a two-year core curriculum for bachelor's degree candidates at Boston University. Napoleon’s army used it for target practice hence the missing nose.Dimensions of the Giza Site Plan in Royal Egyptian Cubits (© Andras Goczey. The tangent angle is easily calculated using Legon's measurements.The length of the adjacent side, 455.5 cubit divided by the length of the opposite side, 858.5 cubit, equals to 0.53, which is 27.9° tangentially.Khufu’s and Menkaure’s pyramids have three satellite pyramids each, aligned to the four directions.There is a straight line between the big Khaefre pyramid and the small ones south of it. The exact date when it was built is unknown to archaeologists, but we know that it was reconstructed around 1500 BC with a new layer of stone slabs.

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During the last ice age some 33,000-20,000 years ago, when a permanent ice sheet covered northern and parts of central Europe, modern humans in southwest Europe were isolated from groups further to the east.

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