Symantec xdb file not updating server Aunties adult chat free sides

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Symantec xdb file not updating server

If you do, check the virus definition date showing in the client application or in the SSC console and see if it's out of date. wait for a scheduled update to run and see if it updates.If it fails again tomorrow and if your virus definition dates are actually wrong, then I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling Live Update: Cheers well same thing happen today and logs look similar again.

Live Update found 1 updates available, of which 1 were installed and 0 failed to install.

Could you clalify which symantec products you are using?

By looking at the logs it looks like you are using SAV Corp 9.0 which is about to reach the end of life (3/31/09) see Thanks not necessary but if you try to fix the live update issue for sav corp then you might break the live update for your other programs thats why i was asking if you have any other symatec programs installed.

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It said last update was yesterday because I had to do manually.

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The Live Update session exited with a return code of 1800, Success This log is from your manual update that you ran after the earlier one failed, right?

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