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Perhaps called Crunch-uary or Poop-tober, it would be 30 days in which Americans, for once, eat enough dietary fiber.Currently, Americans only eat about 16 grams of fiber —the parts of plants that can’t be digested—per day.As much as these communication tools are designed to be instant, they are also easily ignored. Texts go unanswered for hours or days, emails sit in inboxes for so long that “Sorry for the delayed response” has gone from earnest apology to punchline. He’s a fast talker and has the lean, sinewy build of a distance runner.His choice of profession seems preordained, as he speaks in fully formed paragraphs, his thoughts organized by topic sentences. started drinking at 15, when he and a friend experimented in his parents’ liquor cabinet.

In the spirit of Drynuary, I’d like to propose another health-oriented month of the year.But this time, rather than casting a movie star like Tom Hanks or Bradley Cooper, Eastwood is filming the real-life heroes Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, and Alek Skarlatos, three Americans who helped stop a gunman on a French train in 2015.The trio will play themselves, with Judy Greer, Jenna Fischer, and Jaleel White making up this very unusual project’s ensemble.It all started with an Instagram ad for a coat, the West Louis (TM) Business-Man Windproof Long Coat to be specific.It looked like a decent camel coat, not fancy but fine.

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