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"Similarities" No matter how each of your past relationships may have seemed different from one another, there are always similarities.

There are four categories on this “how-my-partners-have-been-similar” list.

They’ve come to accept that in any interview only a certain percentage of the conversation is going to be about their songs and the rest will be about their identity: as women in music, as twin sisters in music, as gay twin sisters in music.

If I were just straight as a musician, maybe I wouldn’t feel as though my life has as much meaning.

Shaun has left the band and left Tegan and Sara hanging before The Con Tour.

This contradiction between their personalities and the complex relationship they had made them who they are today, shaped their music into a form of inner monologue between two people trying to reach each other despite the difficulties surrounding them.

Now imagine the most perfect response that potential partner would have to what you’ve shared with him or her.

This deep searching can be uncomfortable, but it's the most promising way to make your next relationship work.

As out lesbians, Tegan and Sara have allowed themselves to be used as veritable poster girls for attractive, talented and successful gay women who have no qualms about their sexuality, even bringing girlfriends on the road with them and participating in the True Colors Tour and the OUT Magazine 100 in 2008.

”But on this stiflingly hot day in late February, they’re styled to eradicate any differences.

Each of the record’s 10 songs will have its own clip, ranging from a DIY video with an Instagram-famous dog groomer (piano ballad “100x”) to this big-budget affair.

Learning from the past and practicing more successful techniques for the future can give even the most wary seeker hope again.

How to Leave Relationship Failure Behind To let go of the past and succeed in the future, you’ll need to courageously explore why you haven’t found lasting love yet.

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