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New tailored items were added with LU25 that were meant for dress wear purposes.Oby tak dalej, Lublin może w końcu zacznie się rozwijać..... Istnieje możliwość wykonania indywidualnego nadruku FLOCK (miły meszek, bardzo trwały) z grafiką bądź imieniem dziecka. I też pochodzą z Anglii i też z metkami albo bez.... Wam też tego życzę i zrzucenie jak największej ilości kg. Faction clothing is an odd category, requiring not only guild status as part of the purchase price, but often having other requirements, such as adventuring levels, guild levels and/or faction with your crafting society. They carry no extra benefits or the like, but allow you to customize your look when wandering around town.

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The Ro K expansion, due to launch on November 13, 2007, will also add four new sets to this dress clothes collection.

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