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10 Copper Tubes 18 Coppersmiths 10 Corset Show Forms IS Decorative Mould-In Desks and Office Pi Dress Forms Dumbwaiters i Electric Signs I cv II Electricians II Elevator and Dumbwaiter Mfrs., 10, II . Mailing, 2, 12,14, 16,18, 19&24 Foreign Books Frames 16 Furniture and Desk Mfrs 10 Gas Engines 12 Gilders 16 (iravel, Sand and Broken Stone. IS Heating Apparatus 19 Hoist Wheels 10, 11 & 12 Hotel Checks 13 House Cleaners 12, 13, 23 . Very often the tlues or ducts used in con- nection witli hoods over the ranges to carry off the odor of cooking are too small in diameter, causing the odor to pervade the entire house. DUSCHNES & LIEIB sample: cards" and boxes 83 and 85 WOOSTER STREET. GALLAGHER SAND, GRAVEL AND BROKEN STONE 38th Street and East River - - NEW YORK Telephone Connection ~ SEAMLESS BRASS AND COPPER TUBES. pos.« er COSMOPOLITAN T JZZ'z™V™ HOUSE AND WINDOW CLEANING CO. The Cleaning of Buildings and Private Dwellings a Specialty L. Established 1886 CHAS HELD NATIONAL HOUSE & WINDOW CLEANING CO. H., COMPANY BURCH DIRECTORY COMPANY CARON DIRECTORY COMPANY CHICAGO DIRECTORY COMPANY CLEVELAND DIRECTORY PUBLISHING COM- PANY COURIER COMPANY DREW-ALLIS COMPANY FITZGERALD, THOS. FOOTE & DAVIES GOULD DIRECTORY COMPANY HARTFORD PRINTING COMPANY HENDERSON PUBLISHING COMPANY HILL DIRECTORY COMPANY HOWE, C. V- 12 Elevators and Dumbwaiters, Id, 11 & 12 Elevators 10, 11 & 12 Engines (Gas & Oil) 12 Envelopes Addressed, 2, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19 & 21 Fac-Simile Letters 12 Filters 22 Flag, Awning ec Tent -Mfrs. V 24 House Shorers 13 Iron Work for Buildings 13 Letters (Fac-Simile) 12 Lists of Names IS Machinists 13 Mailing 2. Should the flues be adequate, improperly built fireplaces will cause smoke and coal-gas to enter the rooms when in use. NEW YORK TEUSPHONK, 3-137 SPUING SAND, GRAVEL AND BROKEN STONE. 130 PRINCE STREET, NEW YORK Windows Cleaned, Floors Scrubbed and Oiled and Signs Polished. E., COMPANY KIMBALL DIRECTORY PUBLISHING COMPANY LOS ANGELES CITY DIRECTORY COMPANY MEEK, HENRY M, PUBLISHING COMPANY MIGHT DIRECTORIES, LTD. -r lss Cr.i'd b 133 M.i'l cr 110 Nassau Heavcv Louise Hcrd/hori: iia\t. cn4 215 Pi lllllls Prll.i M Mid Tho S h 4"1 E VJlsl II v ores 31 Union si It 1612 1 i icobsi o Saml Kenl i rg Morris meat 341 '. litho matls for lithographic mate- provns for provisions. We guarantee ability and reliability in all work entrusted to us. ;p Cards (Sample) Carpenters and Builde Carpet Cleaners Ceilings (Metal) 14 Cellars Checks (Hotel) 12 ( 'himney Exports '. If your house is mar, next t.\ or surrounded by tall buildings, your chimneys will be exposed to down-draughts which will cause wind, soot, smoke and coal-gas to blow down the flues and pervade the entire house when the fires are made. WORK CALLED FOR & DELIVERED 211-213-215 WEST 19th STREET, NEW YORK WATCHMAN'S TIME DETECTORS. ELECTRIC AND STATIONARY SYS- TEMS APPROVED BY ALL INSURANCE BOARDS Jly their use you can Reduce your Insurance Bate REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS OF WATCHMAN'S CLOCKS AT LOWEST PR. We will clean your building (floors and windows) in a short time and to your entire satisfaction for a moderate price. Only strictly honest and competent workmen sent out for this work. Experienced help (men or women) hired out by the day or week at our uniform rates. We can furnish the best of References Telephone or Mail orders will receive our prompt attention or, if you wish, one of our Representatives will call and see you any time you desire. 54 WEST 4th STREET U„,l l Z°t°f* T ,™ D I"™ \ REUABL ^ C0MP * N * Can Furnish the Best of References ORDERS BY MAIL PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO WINDOW AND HOUSE CLEANERS.

pr mus insts " musical instru- S I " Staten Island. We oil floors with the best paraffine oil ; we guarantee it to be dust-absorbing and to give satisfaction. 2, 12, 14, 16, IS, 19 & 24 Advertising Signs (Electric Lighted; 4 Advertising through Circulars 2,12, 14, 10, 18, 10 & 24 Apron and Coat Supplies Artistic Iron Work 13 Awningand Tent Mfrs ..4 &5 Awning, Tent and Flag Mfrs ... The flues in danger of igniting are: flues of fireplaces where wood is used altogether; the ventilating ducts or flues which carry off the odor of cooking connected to a hood over the ranges; the boiler, range and the bake-oven flues. Telephone, iroo Orchard 89 Third Avenue, Manhattan, New York PURCHASERS' GUIDE AND COMMERCIAL UEG1STER STORAGE. Separate Rooms, with Iron Ceilings for Storing Furniture, Pianos, Trunks, etc. TELEPHONE, 1028 BRYANT PI ANO AN D FURN ITU RE MO VI NG w : c - a, LBERT TELEPHONE. FIREPROOF AND NON-FIREPROOF STORAGE storage, carpet cleaninq 211 and 213 EAST 100th ST., NEW YORK The Liberty Storage & Warehouse Co. TELEPHONE, 1 72 M ADISON SQUARE LOUIS ROTH UNDERTAKER AND EN3BALMER 393 SEVENTH AVENUE BETWEEN 31ST AND 32D STREETS NEW YORK ATTENDANCE DAY AND NICHT ESTABLISHED 1866 WAGON AND TRUCK MANUFACTURERS. 'patentees ^Wz "Acorn" Stone Tube Self-cleansing Water Purifier $ 3.50 Double Acorn " " (.50 No. 3 Advance " " 12.00 BEST and Least Expensive Line of Self- cleansing Stone Tube Filters Made PATENTEES AND MFRS. SOU WALL, Manager telephone, 2027 plaza 69 EAST 59th STREET Well known as a responsible and careful com= pany for general House Cleaning, having had many years' experience in this line of business Windows of any kind and number cleaned in Stores, New Buildings and Private Houses. Systematically conducted ; always on time and date. It is a great convenience to get someone to do your House Cleaning properly. If we are patronized, our patrons will be convinced of the excellence of our service, which we endeavor to make the best. 5 Awnings 4 & 5 Bookbinders Bookbinders' Board Bookbinders' Stamping Books, Foreign Brass Tubes Builders 12, 14, l(i, IS, l'.i .v-24 t.. «r.:m.-»a SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF THE ORJGINAL SCHNOTER'S 1 j Suspensory Bandages, Trusses and Shoulder Braces A NO. Where chimney-caps are used soot will accumulate in the lines twice as last as where none are used. Where soli coal is used daily during the season, and should the lines of the fireplaces have chimney-caps on the chimneys, the lines should be cleaned twice a year; when not used should be cleaned every 5 years, as sand will accumulate. Telephones, 124 Orchard and 2598 Stuyvcsant SAFE HOISTING RIGGERS DAUB STORAGE WAREHOUSE & VAN CO. Padded Vans and Trucks with careful men for Moving, Packing, Skipping, etc. 64th Street and Broadway, New York SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES AND SILVER VAULTS TELEPHONE, 853 COLUMBUS ITKCIIASKIIS' (ll'IDIO AM) ( 'n M. ESTABLISHED I 850 TELEPHONE \ CHELSEA Designers and Manufacturers of High-Grade ^7v"AGONS, ~\r^NSS €HOl«3. TTOX3LJS A supply of Business Wagons of all descriptions carried in stock or any design made to order WE ALSO MAKE A SPECIALTY OF REP AIR INC & PAINTINC. In the cleaning of New Buildings we arc far superior to any other company. All Country Houses cleaned from top to bottom and all renovating done on same. By hiring us there is no bother to you as we take full charge of the work and guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the way our work is done. Call, „ Spring j COHE „ MUTUAL HOUSE & WINDOW CLEANING CO. TORCHIANA, Philadelphia THE OBJECTS OF THE ASSOCIATION ARE AS FOLLOWS: FIRST: To improve the directory business by the interchange of ideas, and by the exchange of competent employees. ) reenberger ft Tanenleium ^ * - • ii.Slnrac War, rs l'n i [' G I nil.

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