Brenda wairimu and juliani dating

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Brenda wairimu and juliani dating

The two have reignited their romance after Brenda took a short break to be a mother to her lovely daughter with ex-boyfriend, Juliani, while Nick has been busy with his acting career and working on his fashion line Yedu.

But it seems that destiny has brought them together after Brenda decided to get back to what she does best, which is acting.

I hope I'll catch it next Sunday and all other Sundays after that :).

There is love brewing in the air and with the cold not going away anytime soon, it’s actually a good thing to have someone by your side to hold and cuddle anytime you want.

It seems that we may just have a new couple in town, and this is none other than the beautiful actress and model Brenda Wairimu and Nick Mutuma, who coincidentally also happens to be an actor and male model.

Before the engagement however, Juliani reveals they had a candid talk concerning differences they have had in the past that led to their split and ironed them out.

On whether or not they have date for their wedding, Juliani says they have not decided yet.

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