Adult chat room ratings

Posted by / 26-Dec-2017 01:57

I guarantee you will pass the speed portion of your typing class if you stick around with us! When my son said he seemed much older than 15, he said, "Oops! He really played up being a friend to my son, acting like he was a caring older brother or something. This site should be shut down and fined for child endangerment and encouraging child molestation.

This site has political, religious, sexual biases in most rooms. Nowadays it's just fail trolls and fake profiles.

And then there was her chatroom hubby who she would openly flirt with and then allowing him to become a co moderator somehow.

I know this firsthand as I was banned by someone who hacked the mod's account, and banned me for saying "hi lady" in a private message.

He lured me into his RV and fondled my toes after he put me in a Valium enduced coma.

This site was bought and run by an allegedly corrupt owner who did nothing to police the site from all the things that led to what was becoming, a downward spiral on a limited course.

A chatter says on their profile that they are 12, age limit is 13, but the mod says they have to see the chatter say it or they need to ask the chatter personally to make sure, because in the mod's words, what people put on their profile isn't always the truth. That is just one example of the ineffectiveness of enforcing site rules with a chat member chosen moderator.

This mod was more concerned about chat huggggggsss and loooools and her chat moms and sisters and all of the chatters who brown nosed her than actually policing the site.

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